Individual sessions: These sessions will be one-on-one sessions where the therapist will assess the client and provide ongoing music therapy interventions to address therapeutic functional goals.  Through continued evaluation regarding response to interventions and progress, services will be implemented to focus on targeted areas including motor, communication and cognitive skills.  These services will be provided at the center as well as in-home and contract facilities.

Group sessions: These sessions foster not only individual goals, but also social skills and group interaction.  Through the therapeutic use of music, the participants will engage in musical games, movement and instrument manipulation in order to address their individual goals.

Assessments: Aside from the necessary initial music therapy assessments that an individual will receive for ongoing services, we also provide outside assessments for school districts, facilities and individuals.

In-services: In-services will consist of a brief description of music therapy and specific techniques, clinical research and evidenced based practices, and demonstrations of treatment techniques used at MTCH to address a variety of goal areas

Other services offered: