“MTCH further advances the use of music to assist their clients to meet goals and objectives. They work to educate others about the benefits of music therapy. They work to support others in the local community.”

“The Music Therapy Center of Houston is a wonderful organization, helping children through the power of music.”

“It shares the power of music as a tool to help our community. They strive to put smiles on children’s faces that otherwise would not have and change the lives of many for the better. They are a great contribution to the city of Houston.”

“They help people in Houston in a proven therapeutic way. Music therapy is little known, but effective!!!”

“I support the Music Therapy Center of Houston because they are helping people everywhere using music therapy!”

“I love The Music Therapy Center of Houston because they work tirelessly to help as many people as possible to better their lives through receiving the gift of music therapy.”

“Overture highly recommends Veronica and The Music Therapy Center of Houston. They do exemplary work with children with cognitive and learning differences. We can’t do what they do, but we’re glad they’re doing it!” ~ Overture Music Program Overture teaches music to children birth to age 5 at sites throughout the Houston metropolitan area.

“Autumn’s had a number of music therapists over the years and they’ve all been really helpful and fun. Music is a great motivator for her. She loves many kinds of music but she especially loves movie soundtracks and theme songs. She has a great cross-referencing system in her head for soundtrack composers and singers. Her all-time favorite character (and alter-ego) is SpongeBob Squarepants voiced by Tom Kenny. She and SpongeBob actually have a lot in common. They’re both a fascinating and amusing blend of child and adult. His song “Best Day Ever” has become Autumn’s theme song. (I installed it on my cell phone as the ringtone for her calls.) Just recently Autumn moved into Hope Village, a large residence with other adults who have special needs, so we lost our state funding for therapy. We hated to lose Ann Morrow, her therapist for the past year, but Ann did a wonderful thing for Autumn at their last session. Using a great app on her iPad called Garage Band, she and Autumn wrote a song about moving into Hope Village and how it would be a wonderful new life for her. It ends with “It’s the best place everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.” It really touched my heart the way Ann tailored her therapy to include the things that Autumn loves. It’s a dream and a prayer of mine to somehow get music therapy provided at Hope Village for all the Villagers who want it.”

“My husband Jim is a stroke survivor with many deficits. He was put in the Music Therapy program by DARS. He worked with Lupe at the Sugar Land location for several months. Music Therapy not only helped with his depression, Lupe used different instruments to help his visual fields. I wish he could have had more sessions, but the number he received was set by DARS and our regular insurance would not pay for more.”

“Let me tell you how I have seen Co-founder Veronica Butler’s genuine passion for the clients she serves and advocacy for the field of music therapy. As a college student in 2008 preparing to volunteer for an NGO in South America, I got in touch with Veronica because I thought a music therapist might be able to give me a few ideas for ways I could use music with the adolescents I was going to work with. Veronica gave me a ton of her time and passionately shared with me about the depths and possibilities of music therapy, clearly motivated by the meaningful changes she had seen in her own clients. She also encouraged me to pursue a degree in music therapy, an idea I quickly discounted. A year later, I was in touch with her again as I prepared to work with blind children in the Middle East, and again, she directed me to many resources and ideas and suggested that I pursue the fantastic field of music therapy, a calling I still ignored. After witnessing the power of music firsthand in the Middle East, I knew immediately I wanted to pursue music therapy and I knew one of the first people I wanted to talk to about training programs: Veronica Butler. It is so evident that for Veronica music therapy is not just a job but a vocation that she deeply cares about. Beyond passion, Veronica brings a great deal of creativity, resourcefulness and academic strengths to the profession. I would highly recommend Veronica and the Music Therapy Center of Houston to anyone. The community of Houston is fortunate to have the Music Therapy Center of Houston offering these invaluable services regardless of economic status. If you’re curious about what it could offer you or someone you know, just ask Veronica!” ~ Julie Lytle, music therapist